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DT Ventures is a dynamic and forward-thinking venture capital firm dedicated to empowering innovation and fostering growth. With a strategic approach and a passion for disruptive ideas, we provide early-stage funding and mentorship to startups across various industries. Our experienced team leverages extensive networks and expertise to identify promising entrepreneurs and support them on their journey towards success. 


We specialize in infrastructure design, installation and maintenance of outdoors adventure sports, working at height and artificial climbing structures. We also provide outdoors and adventure sports equipment for retail and the industry.

Our consultancy section provides strategic assessment and technical and business planning for organizations working in the adventure activity area. These include all indoor and outdoor, urban and rural locations. Our dedicated team has several decades of experience from around the world and over 15 years of successful delivery of projects in the South Asia region.

About Basheer Bhai

Basheer Bhai is an E-Commerce platform helping online shoppers from across Pakistan, access products of China: cheaper, quicker and simpler.

Anyone ordering from AliExpress, or a similar e-commerce store of China, today, faces an uphill battle with operational gaps and uncertainties – particularly in terms of long delivery times, frequent delays and lost packages. This is made worse due to the available payment terms – which only allows online shoppers to shop if they have access to online payment facilities (a credit card/debit card with online banking enabled) along with an advance payment in full requirement.

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