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Initiating SEO with Keyword Analysis

Understanding customer search queries is crucial at the onset of any SEO initiative. At Digital Tribe, our specialized B2B SEO agency prioritizes understanding your customers’ challenges and the keywords they use to find solutions. Utilizing a data-driven methodology, we identify keywords that not only increase your website’s traffic but also enhance lead generation and conversions. We leverage key metrics such as conversion rates, Search Console data, and PPC data to better comprehend the vital search queries contributing to your business success.

Goal Setting

During the initial phase, we diligently strive to comprehend your business and its specific goals. Our team thoroughly immerses itself into each client’s business landscape, deeply understanding its unique values, visual appeal, and distinctive features.


In the beginning phase, we put in significant effort to fully grasp your business and its distinct objectives. Our team embeds itself in every client’s business environment, gaining a profound understanding of its distinct ethos, aesthetic character, and unique differentiators.


Finally, we maintain consistent communication with your team regarding the performance of your advertisements and the progression of your campaign. Our approach to reporting is transparent, and we foster collaboration when rolling out new strategies.

Content Planning Approach

In B2B marketing, the journey to customer conversion is often not linear. It frequently necessitates multiple touchpoints before a customer decides to purchase from your brand. Blog posts, for example, may generate broader awareness, while solution and product pages typically align with customers nearing the conversion point. Thus, it’s vital to appreciate that your content serves different stages in the customer journey funnel.

In our content planning process, we’ll proactively:

  • Enhance the on-page SEO for your existing content
  • Pinpoint opportunities for creating new, engaging content
  • Ensure the existing content aligns with the intent of targeted search queries
  • Refine your content structure to be more comprehensive, fully addressing user queries

Technical SEO Solutions

Technical SEO forms a crucial part of your comprehensive search strategy. It’s imperative that Google can effectively crawl, index, and comprehend your site’s content. On B2B websites, technical issues often arise due to legacy platforms, among other factors.

Our B2B SEO agency will conduct thorough technical assessments of your website, including:

  • Regular site crawl reviews
  • Analysis of indexation problems
  • Identification and resolution of
  • JavaScript rendering issues Assessments of structured data
  • Technical audits using Google Search
  • Console Reduction of index bloat

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